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Who we are

CTA is an aerospace technology center specialized in technology validation for the development of aerospace materials, structures and systems with a high component of R&D activity. A benchmark company in the aeronautics sector in Europe since 1997.

Almost 30 years later, we are still pursuing the same goal: to ensure certification and develop aerospace technology for aerospace component manufacturers. All the activity we have developed so far, and all the activity we will develop in the future, is based on four fundamental pillars: experience, capabilities, technology and quality.


We are a private non-profit foundation and we continue with the same philosophy. We have a Board of Trustees that has been with us since the beginning:


At CTA, we offer validation of technologies and tests linked to the progress of the sector in which we specialize:

Industry research

Experimental development in the aeronautical and aerospace field

Dissemination of results through teaching, publication or technology transfer.

All this activity we develop is based on testing technologies, aeronautical services and I+D+i

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Our principal commitments


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